Designed From The Ground Up

Code 4 Bikes has patented a bike system that provides tough, easy to maintain bikes for the police, security, military and bikers that want an affordable, highly reliable low maintenance bike that is easy to ride. Our initial product, code name “Trigger,” has been designed from the ground up to exceed these requirements. Our designer spent several years working with the security industry in Las Vegas evaluating the critical elements required for patrolling and security work.

3 Critical Factors

We found 3 critical factors, durability, cost, and riding posture. We also found that there was no economical solution available on the market to address these issues, so we made one. You should have a bike that is designed to support what you do, not have to design what you do to your bike.

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Most bikes used in the Police and Security industry are aluminum bikes. Unfortunately, most individuals performing these tasks are not “racing light.” Aluminum bikes just don’t hold up to the rigors of constant use of patrolling. So, our bikes are built from Cromoly Tubing and guaranteed for the life of your bike. We also addressed the additional hassle of spoke tuning and replacement by using cast magnesium wheels. Our bike immediately has the core of strength and reliability, but we didn’t stop there.

We evaluated the real requirements for gear ratios, and a front derailleur and found the front derailleur was not necessary to perform really any of the job. They do increase the maintenance and reduce the reliability. We performed tests on gears and chains before selecting the toughest option for our bikes. They 8 speed chains substantially outperformed the other combinations. We can fit our bikes with a front derailleur, but we think when you evaluate it, it will not improve, but reduce your bike’s tactical capability.

We selected cold forge cranks to eliminate failure. You will not over-torque these. BMX platform pedals, designed for abuse. We use sealed bearings and headsets and you can field strip and rebuild this bike in 20 minutes with only a few tools. We placed the largest mechanical disc brakes on the bikes for improved performance and reduced maintenance. We added a quick release seat post, comfort saddle and UV resistant grips. This bike is ready to meet the test of service, survive the times of your life, a bike you can hand down to your kids.

Now we can talk about the handlebars and the real difference of a Code 4 Bike. We added a BMX tough stem placing a narrow steel handlebar designed to work with myriad of brakes, shifters, lights and other paraphernalia. More important than that, our handle bars are designed to be at the correct height to allow the rider to be seated in a good posture with reduced stress in the back, neck and wrists. There is no need to place unsafe bar extenders on this bike to make it more comfortable. You will find our bike performs as well or better than the competition with reduced stress and fatigue to the rider. You ride in the “observe and report” position.

Code 4 Bikes is the future of patrol bikes. Once you evaluate our bikes, you won’t be able to justify any other solution. We are located in Las Vegas Nevada. Our bikes are assembled in the USA. We have managed the structure of our company to manage the cost to your agency. We are dedicated to our customers!

Our bikes are completely guaranteed, and that doesn’t mean “until we stop making that frame.”

Download Printable Brochure