The Code 4 Team

You will find that the Code 4 Bikes team is genuinely motivated to create a positive customer experience. We are driven to continue to improve our products. We sincerely engage our customers. Brett, our product designer, sets the bar on this. He walks the walk. Care will be taken to ensure all Code 4 Bike team members are on the same page.

Brett Matshall
Brett MatshallCreator, Designer, Talent
Brett has been working with bicycles since he was 10 years old. He honed his skill through buying old bike frames to repair and sell. By the time he was 13, a local bike shop had hired him as his success was impacting their business. He also worked in machine shops improving his understanding of metals and materials. He continued working , racing and performing on bikes for over 30 years. He designed unique bikes for his performances and trick riding. Brett set up and performed as Mr. Pedalwrench entertaining people across the country. His skills inspired the young and old helping evolve the bicycle industry. As he moved away from performing, he created Pedalwrench over 4 years ago in Las Vegas, specializing in repairing security and patrol bicycles. This led to the design of the first Code 4 Bike and gave birth to this new company. Brett is a force of creativity and will continue to push innovation in the biking industry.
Dave Perin
Dave PerinOperations and Quality Control
Dave has an Associate’s Degree in Avionics and is a retired Senior Master Sergeant in the US Air Force. He has almost 30 years working in program management and quality on complex programs. He has a consulting company for the last 8 years working with technology, business development, and quality. Dave will focus on maintaining processes for continued excellence and customer satisfaction.
John Dotts
John DottsWarehouse and Logistics Manager
John has a Bachelor of Science from the University of Kansas and his teaching endorsement from Northern Arizona University. He brings over 15 years of warehouse and logistics management with him on complex systems. He also brings the ability to work with stressful and complex situations surviving for 8 years as a High School science teacher. John is adept at customer relations, problem solving and making sure things move in a positive direction.