The New Standard

Because our bike saves money, it also saves tax dollars. The police and military use vehicles and machines that are designed to be more rugged than average. Why shouldn’t their bikes be the same way?

The difference is our bike is designed that way for everyone and that’s a win – win – win for consumers, tax payers and public servants.

The Bike

Patented System

Code 4 Bikes has patented a bike system that provides tough, easy to maintain bikes for the police, security, military and bikers that want an affordable, highly reliable low maintenance bike that is easy to ride.

It’s Just That Tough!

To prove how durable our Code 4 Bikes really are we challenged a champion BMX rider to a back flip on a stock Code 4 Security Bike.

After 2 out of 2 successful back flips and absolutely no damage to the bicycle we proved once and for all, that yes… they are Just That Tough!

This was performed by a trained professional to demonstrate the durability of our Code 4 Bikes.  This bike is not intended for extreme sports and Code 4 Bikes always advocates the use of the correct safety equipment while riding any bike.

Our bikes are completely guaranteed, and that doesn’t mean “until we stop making that frame.”

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